Fine handcrafted teak spearguns that will meet and exceed your demanding criteria.  



Diablo Models

Manufacturer of fine teak spearguns where passion and precision embody the soul. Be bold.

Diablo Speargun design all have one thing in common; both Euro and American style guns have been an inspiration. The Euro styling is evident in the forward portion of the gun where a wide and low profile muzzle allow for the power bands to lay on the same plane as the shaft thus minimizing muzzle flip and improving accuracy. A transition zone towards the aft portion changes the gun ascetics to a traditional 'american' style speargun. Diablo Spearguns are as unique as our customers. We only build on a limited basis to the highest standard our customers expect and demand.

Diablo Specialties

Mother of pearl inlays.  Choose from a selection of pearl inlays such as yellow fin tuna, shark, dorado, just to name a few and make a bold statement. The addition of an optional hand cut pearl inlay personalizes an already unique speargun. 


Diablo Handcrafted


There is something special, satisfying and primal about building a weapon, killing your prey and respectfully serving it on the table. There is also a zen like pleasure in shaping a speargun by hand.  There are no loud saws screaming. Here, there is only the pleasant sound of a tool working the wood into a form that not only looks and functions properly but feels properly as well. I take a great deal of pride in the spearguns I create and put my name on. Most importantly the customer will take immense pride in the speargun that was uniquely built for him or her.